Welcome To M Tech Computer Science Department

About The Department

The department is well established with the state-of-the-art Computer lab networked with a LAN in windows environment for students and an intranet connecting all the departments. The department supports over 350 Pentium IV Core2 Duo nodes interconnected by a switched Ethernet which is having a seamless connection to internet through an Leased line link operating at a speed of 10Mbps Lease Line from STPI and 22 Mbps from BSNL.

A well qualified and experienced faculty drawn from diverse background is available for academic support on 24×7 basis virtually linked with the students. Multimedia interactive learning tools and techniques are adopted to impart a very high standard of theoretical and practical hands-on training. Most of the members of the faculty are engaged in Research and Consultancy.


To develop the department into center for excellence and capable of providing World Class Technical Education in the field of Electronics and Communication as per futuristic global technical man power requirements.


  • M1: Excellent lab facilities to meet the requirements of curriculum.

  • M2: Further improvement in potential of faculty by means of training and additional recruitment.

  • M3: Further improvement in effective teaching leading to improvement in University result and placement chances.

  • M4: To improve students teacher interaction for better knowledge assimilation by students.