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About The Department

The department offers B.E. degree program in information Science and Engineering, affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University with current annual intake of 120 students. The department is well established with the state-of-the-art Computer labs with a LAN connection and all the classrooms are enabled with CCTV and Projector. The department has over 150 Dell 7060 Intel i5,3rd Generation computers interconnected by a switched Ethernet which has seamless connection to internet with a speed of 200 mbps from Tata Teleservices Ltd. The Department has an excellent track record of organizing various workshops and conferences in areas of emerging technologies and faculties are encouraging students to do innovative projects. A well qualified and experienced faculty drawn from diverse background and highly dedication on 24×7 basis virtually linked with the students. Multimedia interactive learning tools and techniques are adopted to impart a very high standard of theoretical and practical hands-on training. Most of the faculties are engaged in Research and Consultancy related work as a part of quality improvement drives. The faculty members are highly motivated and devoted to deliver the highest quality professional education to students and combined with strong teaching learning process.


Educating Students to Engineer Information Science & Technology for Advancing the Knowledge as to Best Serve the Real World.


1. Focusing on Fundamentals and Applied aspects in both Information
Science Theory and Programming practices.
2. Training comprehensively and encouraging R&D culture in trending
areas of Information Technology.
3. Collaborating with premier Institutes and Industries to nurture Innovation
and learning, in cutting edge Information Technology.
4. Educating and preparing the students who are much Sought-after,
Productive and Well-respected for their work culture having Lifelong
Learning practice.
5. Promoting ethical and moral values among the students so as to
enable them emerge as responsible professionals.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

1. Engage in Successful professional career in Information Science and Technology.
2. Pursue higher studies and research to advance the knowledge for Solving Contemporary Problems in IT industry.
3. Adapt to a constantly changing world through Professional Development and Sustained Learning.
4. Exhibit professionalism and team work with social concern.
5. Develop Leadership and Entrepreneurship Skills by incorporating
organizational goals.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

1. Apply the knowledge of data structures, database systems, system programming, networking, web development and AI & ML techniques in engineering the software.
2. Exhibit solid foundations and advancements in developing software / hardware systems for solving contemporary problems.

Events Organized

Event at Bangalore Palace Ground ” Be an Enterpreneur to Become an Employee”  Organized by Govt of Karnataka.  
Virtual FDP on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  
FDP on Mobile Application Development from 18/03/2021 to 20/03/21
FDP on Mobile Application Development from 18/03/2021 to 20/03/21
FDP on Mobile Application Development from 18/03/2021 to 20/03/21
FDP on Mobile Application Development from 18/03/2021 to 20/03/21
Workshop on Cracking the Code by Top company.
Training on AI by Mr.JANARDHAN, Alumni of our institute

Our Facilities


The classrooms at SJCIT are an excellent place for learning, equipped with well-designed furniture, proper sitting arrangement, LCD projector and power supply.

Research Center

SJCIT has been proactive in encouraging its faculty to undertake collaborative and inter-disciplinary research.


Providing an opportunity to apply and investigate theoretical and conceptual knowledge Developing a range of experimental techniques and approaches

Industrial Visit.

The term itself instills vast happiness and excitement in students. We know, theoretical knowledge isn’t enough for creating a decent skilled career.

Areas of Research

Storage, Networking, Cloud Computing, Image Processing,Hadoop

Grants Recieved

Rs.10,00,000 from VGST (Vision Group of Science and Technology) for the project proposal “E-Portfolio” under CSIEE ( Centre of Innovative Science & Engineering Education) scheme for 03 Years ( 2013-2016).

Rs.2,50,000 from NAIN Incubation received for the project titled “SMART TRAFFIC SYSTEM”.

The Department of Information Science & Engineering offers B.E. The department has well qualified, capable, Knowledgeable and Dedicated faculty to provide qualitative, Industry tuned education to students with Unreserved support from the Principal and HOD. The Department Infrastructure accomplishes and ropes learning skills on the latest technology in the industry. The students are shaped with multi-dimensional skills covering all the required graduate qualities. Our mission is to inculcate strong theoretical and practical knowledge for continuous learning, prepare students to find Computer Solutions for the society through research


Professor & Head of the Department, Department of ISE, SJCIT.


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