Welcome To Infrastructure Engineering and Management

About The Department

Infrasructure is a basic system that a country or an organisation uses in order to work efficiently. M.Tech programme on Infrastructure Engineering and Management gives an in-depth insight on the management techniques with extensive real-world learning opportunities along with the emphasis on preparing to take on professional responsibilities. It gives the necessary tools and techniques that will be required in order to succeed in one of the world’s most dynamic and rewarding industries.

The planning, design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure are crucial to the economic viability of country. Skilled professionals are required to maintain ageing infrastructure, integrate new infrastructure into existing systems, and expand infrastructure. And it must be done in a way that is socially, environmentally and financially sustainable.


To Build competent CIVIL Engineers with a Societal Perspective.


  • By providing infrastructure and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to meet the requirements of curriculum, research and consultancy services.

  • Imparting Technical Knowledge and Skills of current and future needs of the industry.

  • By inculcating Professionalism and motivate entrepreneurship among the students to serve the society.


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