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About The Department

The Department is well equipped with advanced infrastructure and state-of- the-art laboratories. The department is strengthened with the dedicated faculty to exploit all the available teaching and training aids to impart a very high quality of education in the form of lectures, demonstrations, practical and practices. The students are continuously evaluated to improve their performance in both theoretical and practical portions of the syllabus. An enabling environment is created to do experiments and projects at Digital Electronics Lab, Analog Electronics Lab, Microprocessor Lab, Embedded Micro Controller Lab, VLSI Design Lab, DSP Developmental Systems, Microwave and Communication Labs. All the laboratories are geared wide range of Test Equipment and their accessories, modules/models, experimental workbenches to undertake prescribed experiments. Various Training Activities/ Seminar / Workshops will be regularly organized to improve the Technical Skills of both faculty and Students. Also corporate trainings are initiated to train the engineers from various companies.



To develop the department into center for excellence and capable of providing World Class Technical Education in the field of Electronics and Communication as per futuristic global technical man power requirements.


  • M1: Excellent lab facilities to meet the requirements of curriculum.

  • M2: Further improvement in potential of faculty by means of training and additional recruitment.

  • M3: Further improvement in effective teaching leading to improvement in University result and placement chances.

  • M4: To improve students teacher interaction for better knowledge assimilation by students.


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