Department of Aeronautical Engineering

About The Department

The Department of Aeronautical Engineering was established in the Year 2014 with an intake of 60 students for undergraduate program. The Department has full pledged laboratories as per the norms of the university. The department has established and  access to a wide range of industry-standard experimental facilities such as Low Speed Sub Sonic Wind Tunnel, well equipped Aircraft Propulsion, Structures, Energy Conversion, Fluid Mechanics, Measurement & Metrology and Material Testing Lab, Computer Labs with ANSYS, CATIA, SOLIDEDGE and MATLAB software which have been extensively used for research and consultancy for various sectors.

      The prestigious department is focusing on conducting co-curricular activities like Seminars, Workshops, Project Exhibitions, Industrial Visits, Training Programs, Guest Lectures and Technical Talks to provide a platform for the budding engineers to interact with professionals from various industries. The department club “Pravega” (meaning acceleration) encourages students to participate in both college and intercollege competitions to design and flying of gliders, RC Planes, water rockets and aircraft models.

    Job opportunities has increased exponentially during the last  year in Aeronautical engineering  field  through Government sectors ( DRDO,IAF,IN,IA,OFB,Indian Airlines),PSUs (HAL,ADA,NAL) , multinational private companies like British Aerospace (BAE),Bell Helicopter, Boeing,Dassault Aviation,Sukhoi Aviation in addition to 50 plus small scale companies due to  huge expansion of aviation sector. Join this branch for an exciting career.


  • Developing the department as a center of excellence to evolve Aeronautical Engineers with knowledge, skill and character for all relevant occupations.
  • To build a talent pool of Aeronautical Engineers with innovative problem solving capabilities.

  • Orientation of the students to state-of-the-art technologies and research for aerospace product development activities.

  • To groom Aeronautical Engineers to be responsible citizens with sensitivity to ethical, societal and environmental issues.

Areas of Research

Aerodynamics, Aircraft Structures, Propulsion, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aircraft Design, Flight Mechanics, Avionics.

Study Materials

Online Course Materials 2019-2020.

Events Organized

Webinar on Career Opportunities in Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering
Webinar on CFD Analysis of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics in Gas Turbine
2 Days Virtual FDP on Current Trends in Computational Fluid Dynamic Micro Air Vehicles & Automation Technologies
Webinar on Stealth Technology on 2th August
National Conference on Recent Advances in Mechanical, Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering and Physics.
Intercollegiate Technical Fest, AVION-2020 organized in the month October 2020
CATIA V5 Level I & Level 2 onlin/offline Certification Course by M/s EDS Technologies, Bengaluru
Industrial Visit to AERDC- HAL,ISRO, ASTE-Indian Airforce organized in the month of November 2020
Faculty Development Program is organized in the month December 2020


Technology Management

Graduates of the program will have adequate knowledge in Aeronautical Engineering and associated subjects that will help them to successfully manage technology in industry, research, defense and academic sectors.

Professional Development

Graduates will be able to synthesize data & derive technical specifications and also design and develop innovative solutions to the various problems in Aeronautical Engineering by engaging in lifelong learning and professional development.

Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility

Graduates will endeavour to uphold highest levels of professional ethics and will strive to bring in positive impacts for the betterment of the society.

Our Facilities


The classrooms at SJCIT are an excellent place for learning, equipped with well-designed furniture, proper sitting arrangement, LCD projector and power supply.

Research Center

SJCIT has been proactive in encouraging its faculty to undertake collaborative and inter-disciplinary research.


Providing an opportunity to apply and investigate theoretical and conceptual knowledge Developing a range of experimental techniques and approaches

Industrial Visit.

The term itself instills vast happiness and excitement in students. We know, theoretical knowledge isn’t enough for creating a decent skilled career.

Computer Labs with software which are extensively used for product development, research and consultancy by various sectorsis the need of the hour. Accordingly, Computer Labs with industry centric requirements has been set up with the latest versions of both hardware and software. Software Programs such as ANSYS, CATIA, SOLIDEDGE and MATLAB areinstalled so that the students, in particular, can gain excellent handson experience and are confident enough to face industry’s multitude requirement. Asplendid, fabulous and a mammothbuilding have been recently constructed purely to house Aeronautical department keeping in view future requirementvis – a -vis expansion. As on date approximately 2000 Aeronautical books has been procured to take care of the curriculum and students requirement.
The department has embarked on various knowledge expansion programme and as a sequel to this the department through concerted and sustained effort with Indian Air Forcewill shortlyacquire Aero Engine and anAircraft. Further, towards achieving excellence, the department with the assistance of private industry, envisages setting up of Computational Fluid Lab, Drone Lab, a Research and Development center consisting of Aerospace computing lab, Aerospace Design lab, Aerospace Robotics lab, Autonomous Systems lab, Aeroacoustics lab, Structures and composites lab and GPS Lab as part of centre of excellence. 


Professor & Head of the Department, Department of Aeronautical Engineering, SJCIT.


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